Bumblebee, A Movie That Could Revive Transformers Franchise

Bumblebee, A Movie That Could Revive Transformers Franchise

Bumblebee no doubt is the most loved character from the Transformers franchise and the announcement of a standalone movie was in fact a welcome one.

It seems like the movie looks to go back to the franchise's roots to remind people why they fell in love with the Transformers in the first place.

I cant wait to see Bublebee in his new avatar i mean even way before Bumblebee cruised around as a souped-up Chevrolet Camaro, here the loyal Autobot hero took the form of a classic Volkswagen Beetle.

This prequel movie looks set to be considerably different in tone, too, with the franchise’s first female lead character; Pitch Perfect star Hailee Steinfeld is set to share the silver screen with the Autobot Bug.

Also there’s a new actor coming to the “Transformers” world…and his name is John Cena and it has certainly got the excitement levels soaring already.

 The new approach is causing a buzz on social media








The film also stars Pamela AdlonKenneth ChoiMegan Pryce, and Martin Short

*Bumblebee opens in theaters on 21st December 2018

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