10 Best Rakhi Gifts For Your Brother That Are Bold, Stylish and Fun.

10 Best Rakhi Gifts For Your Brother That Are Bold, Stylish and Fun.

Rakhi is the chance for all the sisters to appreciate their awesome cute brothers, although there is always a sibling rivalry. We realize we're incomplete without their love and affection. While as sisters we try to pour all our love in the rakhi gifts but we know our BHAIs are too perfect for any of it, here's a list we have made of the perfect Rakhi gifts that are sure to impress your brother:-

Trust Your Dopeness T-shirt by Craxy Store

Best Rakhi Gift T-shirt

This is the must have t-shirt for your Dope bro to remind him of how awesome he is and how he should always trust his dopeness. While being stylish and gorgeous looking, this tee gives out a statement, both literally and fashion wise. Its a must have!

Price: Rs. 499

Get it Here

Batwings Bowtie by PrintOctopus

Bow Tie Rakhi Gift For Brother

The wooden Bow-Tie by Print Octopus is a perfect addition to any formal outfit and goes easily with all collared shirts for events like Graduations, Date nights, Parties, formal dances and for other formal or casual events. 

Price: Rs. 299

Buy Here

Soundmagic Earphones

Soundmagic Earphones Gift for brother

In the last 6 years since its launch, the SoundMAGIC - E10S have successfully achieved in providing awesome bass and captivating treble at a price that is not very heavy on pockets. It has won a BUNCH of awards and have become a musical delight for serious audiophiles. You can get em' at the best price from Headphone Zone .

Barney Stinson Ducky Tie

Barney Stinson Ducky Tie by Craxy Store

Yes The Ducky Tie, The One Barney Wore For An Year When He Lost A Bet From Marshall. Planning to Bet a Friend over it? Go For It

The Bro Code is incomplete without this Awesome Tie. Best Rakhi Gift For a How I Met Your Mother Fan.

Price: Rs. 999

Get it Here

Crazy Fives By Poster Gully

Set of 5 Posters by Postergully

Set of Fives includes 5 of the hottest and best selling artwork from our artists community, specially curated by PosterGully. The best part is that it is super affordable.

Price: 349

Buy Here

Justice League Socks by Balenzia

Justice League Socks

A unique collection of Superhero Socks, designed and curated to make its wearer feel like a Super Hero. These Crew Rib Socks will make your brother stand-out in the crowd. 

Price: 379

Buy Here

R2d2 Pendrive from Amazon.in

Star Wars R2D2 Pen-Drive

If your brother is a Techie or a Star Wars Fan, he's sure to hug you tightly when he sees this awesome Pen-Drive! A R2D2 on a Storage Device are Nerd-GOALS.

Price: Rs. 599

Buy Here

Ukulele from Bajaao


We know you feel like an instrument is hard to learn, it takes hours of practice. But not Ukulele, there's a reason we have it on the list.

It takes not more than an hour to learn 4 main ukulele chords from which one can play 100s of famous songs. Its not as difficult as a guitar, rather its super simple and easy. Also who doesn't wanna look like Raj from DDLJ. *instant crush*

Raj from DDLJ Ukulele

Vault UK-003 Soprano Colourful Ukulele With Gig Bag is a perfect option for a learning musician.

Price: Rs. 1999

Buy Here

Barney Stinson Playbook

Barney Stinson Playbook GIft Rakhi

The Playbook, long assumed to be the secrets to being legend-wait for it since this is a book by suit-connoisseur and all-around ladies man Barney Stinson-dary, is a collection of more than 75 techniques to seduce any woman out of her clothes and into your bed.

It is Really not, its a really funny book though. Also it might teach your brother a thing or two. *wink wink*

Price: Rs. 250-300

Buy Here

Antique DC Comic Books by Craxy Store

A Random set of 5 Antique DC Comic Books Which are although invaluable for a real fan, you can get them at a highly discounted price! Hopefully people at craxy store surprise you and your brother.

Price: 499

Get it Here 

What do you think about the list? Be sure to let us know your bro's reaction in the comments below! Have a Stylish Rakshabandhan❤️

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