We're all super excited about the new Avengers, seeing how perfect the chemistry of all the marvel superheroes is when they all get together to fight "The Villain" Thanos. I'm most excited about the scene when Peter meets Peter, now that's something to prepare for! Here are the things you'll need:-

1.) Get Yourself Awesome Avengers Inspired Merchandise

You Can Find Best Merch at The Following Sites :-

Planet Of Geeks

Planet Of Geeks only sell pure Official Marvel Avengers and Star Wars Merchandise, the designs are new and fresh and are just right for Marvel Fans.

Craxy Store

Craxy Store Stands Out With Their Quirky Designs, They have just a few products in listing(around 40) but each product is well curated in house design and is like a must have, they don't boast the long collection of products rather they focus on just a few best ever products and try to make them with premium quality.

Red Wolf

Red wolf curates tees from artwork of artists from over the globe, here you'll find a huge collection of tees. There main focus is on fandom engagement and their tees prove to stand for it.

Souled Store

Mentioned by most trusted news sites, Souled store has become a brand now. You should definitely check out their quirky fandom collection!

 2. Find A Date To Go With

Okay, this is supposed to be special. So find somebody special to watch this movie and have ground rules about not being disturbed during the movie and the credit scenes

Could not find anybody? Also, Team Craxy Store is inviting fans from all over India to watch this Marvel's Marvel with them. Submit your Details here and you might be invited to watch infinity war with us!

3. Be Part Of A Nerd Discussion Group

Join groups like Geeks Of Movies, Marvel Addicts, Marvel Cinematic Universe, Marvel/DC Rebirth.

Also, Team Craxy Store will be discussing A LOT after the movie ends, there will be arguments and even fights. Sign up !

4. Get Updated with Civil War, Ragnarok, Home-Coming and Guardians Of The Galaxy

Need we say more? GO GET UPDATED, There are 19 Movies that are to be seen before you go out and see this master piece. We've all been waiting since 10 years after the 1st Iron Man came.

5. Pre Book Best Seats In IMAX 3D 

Nothing is better than PVR IMAX 3D when it comes to Movie experience . Don't even think about doing anything less. In Delhi NCR, try PVR Logix Noida , PVR Select City Walk IMAX 3D or Ambience Mall Gurgaon . Not the best IMAX cinemas, but they're goood!

Tell us in the comments below if you have anything else we missed about preparing for Avengers Infinity War. In Theatres from 27 April, 2018.

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