From Being A Fandom Inspired Merch Shop To A Community of Fans -Craxy Store

From Being A Fandom Inspired Merch Shop To A Community of Fans -Craxy Store

Hey Craxy Store Community!

I am Harsh Bhatia, the founder of Craxy Store. Initially what I had envisioned was a store that sells Fandom Merchandise like awesome tees and phone covers in India. But your love for our Social Media content, Blog Posts and Polls and your super high engagement lead me to create a tribe of people like us. A tribe where we all movie/music geeks, fandom nerds and misfits come together to discuss our favourite shows, books and movies. We all write fan theories and argue about our favourite characters, we interview the industry's inside people and get a clear look at what's going on with our favourite actors, musicians, directors etc.

Our main aim is for you guys to participate and spread the word about your latest characters & your favourite shows, movies and books. It can be Supernatural to Marvel Universe to A Song Of Ice And Fire. Create Polls and Quizzes where we all participate and personality tests which we all can talk about. We arrange occasional meet ups so we all can come together and watch our favourite movies in India, for now in Delhi NCR particularly. We're gonna go watch the New Deadpool Movie Together on 18 May, 2018 and you're most welcome to come along as well!

Inspired by the huge community of Comic Geeks I wanted a platform in India where I could discuss all these fan theories like which is the strongest element in MCU and who would win in Superman Vs Goku Battle, and be with a relatable group of people. Hope you support our vision and the new Craxy Store that is gonna come out of it!

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