These 2 Heart-Warming Rom-Coms to Cheer up Your Monday Blues.

These 2 Heart-Warming Rom-Coms to Cheer up Your Monday Blues.

Your GO-TO movies to make you feel good.




The coming-of-age Love story is beautifully portrayed by the star cast of BELLA THORNE ( aka WEIRDO OF HOLLYWOOD ) PATRICK SCHWARZENEGGER ( FUTURE TERMINATOR ).


The Scott Speer film with its melodramatic elements orbits the story of 17-year-old Katie who, suffering from a rare genetic condition of grave sensitivity to sunlight, is raised under the shelter of her home, with only her father for companionship. 

Her shadowy and secluded realm starts to expand when she meets Charlie and they venture out on nightly escapades, which put her in the tragic dilemma of whether she can ever lead a normal life.




  • The wonderful STAR CAST.
  • Keeping the plot as simple as possible thereby portraying the condition.
  • Mixture of all emotions. Love, hate, drama, suspense, all of it.
  • A beautiful playlist which is rather rare in a movie.
  • The magic of filming those scenes at night and giving us those vibes all over it.



The trailer for this is shown below: --

 There are many scenes that I like but there is one particular snippet between   Katie Price and her friend.

Katie: Hey, I am Katie price. I've watched outside my window for the past 10 years now; I've been in love with you stalking you every minute.
Morgan: This is what Taylor Swift does, she has awkward interactions with boys and then she writes amazing songs about it.

All in all, a GOOD movie.





Based on John Grogan's book, the heartwarming MARLEY AND ME successfully portrays what it's like when an abnormally exuberant family member takes center stage.


Newlywed journalists John (Owen Wilson) and Jenny Grogan (Jennifer Aniston) leave Michigan winters behind in favor of Florida's sunnier climes, where they find themselves struggling to gain footing. When Jenny starts talking about a family, John asks his bachelor friend Sebastian (Eric Dane) for advice on how to distract her. 

Sebastian suggests a puppy -- and so Marley comes tumbling into their lives. 



  • Firstly, there is Jennifer Aniston ( AKA RACHEL GREEN FROM THE EVERGREEN  F.R.I.E.N.D.S Sitcom).
  • And who can forget the VETERAN ACTOR, PRODUCER, SCREENWRITER - Owen Wilson.
  • Beautifully portrayed plot.
  • The couple's struggle with their profession as a writer and as a columnist. Being an amateur in writing, I realize how hard this must be.


There is one scene where I cried THOUGH I DIDN'T WANT TO. 


These type of scenes make us realize that movies do have a great impact on ourselves.

On a scale of 1 to 5, I'll give it a 4.5.


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