About Us

Hello There Fellow Customer

Craxy store is a Fandom Community started in 2017 by Harsh Bhatia. We're a company run by fans!


We welcome you to the fandom world of Comics and Gaming where you will come across the best experiences that a fan dreams of.

There are a few things we love (and we hope you love them too) :

1. You can count on us

We are customer oriented people. We're 100% funded by our facebook/instagram community and the customers from events like Pet Fed and Comic Con Delhi.

We believe

That "star wars or star trek" is a meaningful first date question.

We believe

That it's perfectly ok to have crushes on comic book characters.

We believe

Life is more fun when you're wearing a cape.

We believe

That Redbull, Popcorn and Netflix is a perfect combination.

Like there's no Flash without Speed Force, Like ways,

We believe

That there is no us without our customers.

2. Broke? No Worries, lets Barter.

Lets go traditional! Not just money, we appreciate payment in Barter as well.

Bring out your old goodies and swap them for awesome merch.

3. Show it off! 

We make the most durable, beautiful and comfortable 100%  Cotton t-shirts.

We believe that everyone is a superhero of someone. We have a unique range of authentic product experience that inspire our fans' imaginations and fuel their geek core. From gorgeous quality to hilarious and strange, our collection is intriguing and fabulous!

We ask for your feedback—the good and the bad—so that if we don't get it right, we listen and try to improve.


We Are a Tribe Of Nerds And Geeks On a Mission

  • to create a world where everyone can embrace their inner geek and connect with one another.
  • to unite and inspire the world through the shared celebration of fandom.
  • to bring your fandom into the real world, and to your door, in unexpected ways.

 Everything we develop — including themes and original content — is so you can totally immerse yourself in the stuff you love!

Let your inner fan meet our reality! If you like the most happening quotes and blogs you are in for a ridee!