Ever heard of Folk-Rock Fusion? Lagori brings to you all these in a song

‘Lagori’ is a popular South Indian street game, also known as ‘Lingorchya’, ‘Pitthu’ and ‘Sitoliya’ in various other parts of India. This game is played by targeting a pile of seven stones. Our band’s fascination with the musical time signature of 7 plays a major role behind the name. The fun and energy with which this game is played is also prevalent in our music.

Based in Bangalore, this amazing groups of soul stirring musicians will take your breath away. They will make you dance to their extraordinary tracks like Boom Shankar, Darbari and the one which the crowd can't resist to sing along, Ni Re Sa !!

The band comprises of - 

Tejas Shankar - Vocals
Geeth Vaz - Electric/ Acoustic Guitar/ Backing Vocals
Edward Rasquinha - Acoustic Guitar/ Backing Vocals
Shalini Mohan - Bass Guitar/ Backing Vocals
Vinyl Kumar - Drums/Shakers/Cajon/ Backing vocals
The energy of the band and their quirky lyrics will get you grooving in no time!


For upcoming shows check their Twitter profile

Check out their self titled Album here

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