Why Kenny Sebastian is our Favourite Indian Comedian

Why Kenny Sebastian is our Favourite Indian Comedian

Kenny Sebastian


AKA  Kenneth Matthew Sebastian, is a standup comedian, musician and film maker. He has starred in Comedy Central's The Living Room. And has a really humorous YouTube videos, especially the Chai Time series.

He is currently touring various cities in the world with Abish Matthew for Breezer Vivid.


After watching one of the videos, you won't be able to stop yourself from laughing. You will definitely want more of his performances.

His best performances are - Bucket Bath, Paavam Alert and CBSE school problems !!

You can watch him and Abish take all sort of challenges in their Series powered by Breezer Vivid. They play football, do combat archery, eat really weird food and do a Hungarian dance.  

PS - He loves Batman too!

Visit the Official website.

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