Absolutely Everything We Know About Upcoming FIFA 19'

Absolutely Everything We Know About Upcoming FIFA 19'

Every year we can usually mark the passage of time with some pretty predictable events: Christmas, Easter, Halloween, our birthdays and the release of a new FIFA. FIFA 19 is just a few months away.

This year, however, EA have pulled out some of their best moves to date and FIFA 19 is looking like it could be the best in a while.


The European competition is the probably the best trophy a player could win at their club and it is now coming to FIFA. The licensing for the competition has always been in the rival game, Pro Evolution Soccer, but the tables have now turned after ten years.

Obviously, the iconic song and opening titles will be put into play as much as possible and it is sure to play a big part of the new game.

New commentators

Although we love them, they do get kind of annoying. The same lines are used way too much but we're now going to get a couple of newbies to listen to.

BT Sport's Derek Rae will be coming to the new game as well as ex-Arsenal right back Lee Dixon, but they are only available for commentary during Champions League and Europa League matches within Career Mode.

Serie A licensing

As fans of the series will know, FIFA has been calling the number one Italian league Calcio A as it didn't have the proper license.

They can now give it its proper name, as well as proper trophies when you win their competitions, though many will call it a minor change but one that is definitely welcome if you want the game to feel more real.

The Journey

If you were hoping to hear more about The Journey, you'll have to wait. EA says there are new things coming for FIFA's story mode, but it's not spilling any details yet. Well, other than Champions League matches will be part of it, which means Alex Hunter will get a chance to step on the UCL pitch. "There will be a lot of surprises," Prior proclaimed. "And it will be centered around seeking the glory of the Champions League." Maybe Hunter will make it to Real Madrid after all.

There's no doubt Champions League will bring more layers to the story of Alex Hunter and to your career mode aspirations, but the changes EA has made in FIFA 19 extend far beyond the addition of a new cup.

Pre-match preparation

You will now be able to see what lineup and strategies your opposition is using before the match starts, weird right!

This means you can adjust your tactics to follow suit and it will definitely provide an advantage for those who use it well.

I suppose it's fair, as they can see yours too, so you're going to have to have a few tricks up your sleeve if you want to outwit your opponent.

50/50 battles

Previous titles have been super annoying when gameplay almost seems scripted, like when it's the dying minutes of a match and it seems there is nothing you can do about your opponent's oncoming attack.

Players are pushed off the ball, tackles don't seem to work, and you've tried everything you can but it seems there is some sort of unfair advantage.

Apparently, midfield challenges will take into account a lot more than before, so those quick players will actually be a lot quicker than other players and a defender who should have no chance in catching him up will actually get left behind.


* EA hasn't specified PS4 Pro Enhancements for FIFA 19, but given its form in this area with particular FIFAs, we'd expect FIFA 19 to receive the same love.

FIFA 19 will launch on September 28th, 2018 on PS4, Xbox One, PC, and Nintendo Switch.


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