"Days Gone" finally has a Release date and Gameplay Demo Revealed

"Days Gone" finally has a Release date and Gameplay Demo Revealed

Sony’s been showing off Days Gone at E3 2018, and it’s looking like a fun apocalyptic playground to mess around in.

For starters, the game is open world, and while that in itself isn't exclusive to Days Gone, it's still rare to see open-world zombie games done right.

The developer’s really talking up the sandbox aspect to this title, which means you have the freedom to approach missions any way you want to. You can go in stealth, for example, or all guns blazing – you can even lure infected animals to do the heavy-lifting for you, but you’ll need to beware them turning their attention on you.

After an E3 reveal and some recent coverage, we've now seen quite a bit of Days Gone PS4 gameplay that explains the world and gameplay very well. It's also gives us a clear look at the hero, Deacon. 

The initial Days Gone PS4 gameplay reveal gives us a good look at the game's Freaker monsters and how they swarm in their hundreds around the environment.

It also shows the different gameplay mechanics used to deal with swarms of enemies; from barricades, explosives and fire, and good old fashioned RUNNING THE HELL AWAY.

Aside from slaying zombies, we will come across other survival groups. Some are definitely hostile, and others may be nice, and you may have several options in any given scenario for dealing with them.

This element of tactical strategy will likely be pushed heavily onto the player as a stealthy approach is typically the safer, less resource-intensive way to go.

Days Gone has officially been given a February 22nd, 2019 release date. It'll be available exclusively for the PlayStation 4 family, with the Pro model offering enhanced visuals with support for 4K and HDR.


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