Indie Pop Band Euphoria is Back With This New Song And Its Everything We Wanted and More.

You know you are a 90's kid if your ears raise the time you hear the word "Euphoria". This magical band have made us all groove to a wide range of songs from their album. 

Remember listening and humming to their evergreen hits?

gif maeri
His voice plays small but important part in making your childhood memorable.

Girls getting crazy over that chocolately boy from Maeri!

We know all you girls can relate to this *wink* * wink*

Your 90's childhood was incomplete without them.

All the 90’s kids knew the lyrics by heart (even better that your school syllabus!). 

You surely danced on one of these and these songs have topped your playlist.

dhoom pichak dhoom
For years, you have moved and grooved each body part on their songs.The songs have always topped your playlist!
 Once Palash Sen was asked "why euphoria?" and his reply was just on point!
Because it was better than Diarrhoea  and Gonorrhoea.
 The legendary Indian act Euphoria makes its comeback with yet another soulful song - ALVIDA. Dr. Palash Sen, the singing sensation always had his game ON. His work always created an impact on people. And we surely did miss him and his team.
 We are feeling nostalgic, and we know so are you. Thank you for this another Gem of a song Euphoria! Awesome to have you back.
What Are You Waiting For? CHECK IT OUUTTTTT!!!

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