Race 3 vs Mission Impossible, Which Movie Do You Think Will Win Our Hearts? Note: Sarcasm Ahead

When it comes to action flicks, there are few movies that do it as well as the Race franchise, here are few reasons why upcoming Race movie will be better than Mission Impossible Fallout :P

1. Whatever Tom Cruise does,

Our Bhai Does it better ( Bhai ka swag, which even enables him to fly )


2. The trailer of Race 3 was not just a preview of the movie, it was a compilation of valuable life lessons to live by, lessons like this

3. We'll see the return of some notorious old faces

But our Bhai has different ideology-"Who needs enemies, when you have family"

Race proved that this movie is a 'family' mystery that even Sherlock may fail to solve.



Race 3 is making rounds around the internet, Check out the tweets here:





 In case you haven't watched the Mission Impossible Fallout trailer yet? You can watch  it here:

 Judging by the trailer, RACE 3 looks like another thrilling ride. What do you say?




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