The Co-Creator Of Spiderman and Dr. Strange Dies From Heart Attack

The Co-Creator Of Spiderman and Dr. Strange Dies From Heart Attack

Steve Ditko, the man who helped Stan Lee create epic characters like "Spiderman" and "Dr. Strange" was found unresponsive in his NYC apartment on June 29.

Ditko was one of the most acclaimed comic book artists of all time, best known for creating Spider-Man with Lee in 1962, and Doctor Strange a year later. The stories they crafted together inspired the 2016 "Doctor Strange" film starring Benedict Cumberbatch and 2017 "Spiderman: Homecoming".

Steve died from heart attack at the age of 90. The news came out as a shock to the fans, some even wanted Ditko's cameo in one of the Marvel films which could have been a great tribute. Steve was 90 years young. The likes of Neil Gaiman and Edgar Wright took their condolences on Twitter:-









While Stan became the face of Marvel to the public, Steve on the other hand remained introverted over the years -- refusing to do interviews or make public appearances. We will always remember you.

RIP Steve Ditko


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