Luke Cage Season 2 Got Some Mixed Reviews From Critics and Audience Alike. Here's Out Take On It.

Luke Cage Season 2 Got Some Mixed Reviews From Critics and Audience Alike. Here's Out Take On It.

The second season of Luke Cage seems like Luke is dealing with the consequences of his heroism. He’s become a superhero who doesn’t hide behind the mask like Daredevil, or in the shadows like the Punisher or Jessica Jones. But living in the public eye that doesn’t come without consequences, and Luke faces his own breaking point.

The first series lost its oomph after an excellent villain, Cottonmouth who was Cage’s half brother was killed. But, now the promising Bushmaster, who draws his powers from the voodoo-like Obeah tradition. He is almost Cage’s physical equal, but simply bullet-resistant than bulletproof. Like a cheap “fisrt-copy”, he probably wouldn’t survive a heavy downpour.

Season 2 is entertaining, and all thanks to bold performances from leads Mike Colter and Alfre Woodard. But with the first season, you can really feel the 13-episode format taking its charge on Luke Cage, what should be a consistently thrilling show.

For now there’s still a confusion weather 13-episodes are too much (or too little) to tell this story. There is no clue why Marvel and Netflix have decided on to 13-episode seasons of their superhero shows. None of them, including both seasons of Luke Cage, really need 13 episodes. Thirteen episodes are both too long to tell one central story and not long enough to dig into any of the show’s supporting tales in a satisfactory way.

On the other hand Mariah has now changed into the life of crime after being expelled as politician in the last season. Her new life is fulfilling — it gives her wealth and influence — but it doesn’t fulfill her greed to be powerful. Mariah wants more in her life than what’s already she has; she wants a legacy, and will do anything to make sure she’s remembered.

The dialogue sometimes lacks in conveying the season’s big ideas. It has a strong and bold story. But bringing it into characters’ dialogue is something different. There were spots where the show’s writing feels less concerned with exploring the ideas through character.


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