Disappointed by Veere Di Wedding? Check Out These 13 Indian Web Series Based On Friendship, Beer and Bro Code.

Disappointed by Veere Di Wedding? Check Out These 13 Indian Web Series Based On Friendship, Beer and Bro Code.

There are times when you and your best friend are finished up with the stocked up gossip and left with nothing much to do at the sleepover. So, we have something good for you. You can watch these web series to lit up your night sessions!

Life Sahi Hai

This sitcom revolves around four friends who follow the lives of bachelors in New Delhi. They find humour in everything (this is what friends are for!). Watch out this insane web series wherein these friends try to fix their problems together along with humorous punches.


The story is about three Delhi University friends who have opened up the food delivery service, and they deliver to the people who have midnight cravings. You can’t miss out the fun, the food, the shortcuts and everything else! And above all in a group of three there is always one freind who gets cornered!

Ladies Room

This web series has the most interesting plot. Two best friends-Khanna &Dingo has the weirdest and extremely bold conversations but not in a room or on a bus stand or in the cafes! But in 6 different loos (*wwhhhaaaatttt*). Be it train’s loo or a pub’s loo! They have conversations related to everything on this planet.

Shaadi Boys

This web series follows the lives of three friends who try to get into the business of wedding and choreography. They get their first deal at a high profile Delhi wedding. But all the chaos starts when the bride-to-be falls in love with one of them. Let’s see how these friends are going to handle this problem.


All the bachelors friends group out their, this web series is totally relatable to you. All the struggles you have to face during your bachelors life, how your parents gives you surprise visits, how you have to deal with your maid, how you have to deal with your landlord and lot more. But when friends are there then you don’t have to woory. No matter what they will surely make each problem enjoyable.


TVF Inmates is a hilarious take on and about the lives of five friends – Madhav, Fooga, Rahul, Kay, and Richa, who share a house. The web series deals with the  day-to-day struggles faced by the “inmates” at work and personal fronts and their comical philosophy on the same. 


Out of the whole list this web series based on the siblings, but the bond they share is true bro code goals. The trio travels across the deserts and a stolen car. This seems like short vacation but with lots of problems they have to face. Just like them we also want a nice time with our friends!

The trip

Four friends going together for the last trip to Thailand, as one of them is getting married. This is what the series is all about. This is one crazy, mad and super fun road trip! The trip will keep you glued to your screens with the fun filled and adventurous trip!(I am missing my college trip guys!*sigh*)


Have you ever been interested for a start-up? Pitchers is just one of this! Four friends, leave their jobs to become the Entrepreneurs. Live your dream and dream job that to with your friends what else you can wish for? Watch this inspiring web series and struggles of these four friends.


As the name suggests, there might be some reunion of friends. Yes, this web series revolves around friends who have met for the first time in reunion after they left their school life. They have guilt within them, they have hatred towards each other, they are trying to hide their actual life problems in front of people who were once their *best friends*. This is how life changes. You will definitely miss your school life and school friends after watching this web series.

Lakhon Mein Ek

The storyline is very basic which revolves around the boy who is forced by his parents to join the IIT. so, agreeing to his father’s dream he goes to Vishakhapatnam for training, where he met two people and soon they became his friends. His friends, Bakri (Jay Thakkar) and Chudail (Alam Khan), are the only ones he can connect with and the boys try to survive by striking deals with the peons. What else do you want in a new place? Friends with whom you can relate to (and who don’t want to study too).

Tere Liye Bro

Brocode! The word that defines the friendship at its best.  This series will take you to all the ups and downs of three friends, who will get into ugly fights, who will enjoy every second of their lives, who are the party animals and above all one of them falls in love with another one’s sister.


Yet another series of bromance! How could we underestimate the power of bromance? This series will give you all the best punches at the best time and will make you and your bro squad giggle on every situation. Your bro squad will totally relate to this. (Specially the first episode!)


Hope you and your best friend might have experienced the ocean of emotions till now! Which one was your favorite do let us know in the comments below.


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