The New Joker Solo Movie is Simply Called "Joker", Release Date and Cast Revealed.

The New Joker Solo Movie is Simply Called "Joker", Release Date and Cast Revealed.

There have been a lot of Updates About The Upcoming DCEU Movies, After Infinity war's success DC has been trying to Bring back the DC Universe we love with movies like Aquaman and Shazam coming this year. Recently DC revealed information about the New Joker movie which previously seemed like was just a rumour.

Finally we know that a new joker movie is coming, confirmed to be released on October 4, 2019 which will be starring Joaquin Phoenix as the new joker and will be directer by Todd Philips.

The news came from the San Diego Comic Con.

Sources say that the movie will feature Joker's origin, and explore his character in Dept in a more Dark and Crime Drama Genre.

It'll be yet another experimental film from DCEU, while DC doesn't seem like it can really come out with more experiments we'll hope they just don't ruin our favourite villian and possibly one of the the best villians the comics have had.

It is possible that we might also get to see Batman cameo in the movie as well.

DC is also set to reveal crucial information about the upcoming Wonder Woman 1984, scheduled to be released on 1, November 2018. More to come from SDCC! Stay Tuned.

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